Linervent's Material

Linervent’s material is designed to seal ventilation ducts in a simple and efficient manner. An important feature of the material that enables this is its flexibility.

Why is this important?

A flexible liner can easily seal a tube with transitions from a square profile to a round or oval. The lining can also handle transitions between different diameters. The flexible lining also means that many types of bends are handled without problems. Competing methods often require demolition when there are too many or too tight bends in a ventilation system. By eliminating these demolitions, you can save money which may be spent on other efforts that improve your ventilation.

Linervent’s lining is also flexible after the installation is complete. This means that the propagation of sound in the ventilation ducts is reduced. In other words, you do not need to listen to whatever the neighbors are up to.

The material, which has been developed in cooperation with Sika, is part of both Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus (Swedish environmental indexes) and has been approved by fire engineers for installation in exhaust ducts.