Why use the Linervent Method?


Leaks in ventilation systems is a problem that causes huge costs to the society. According to an investigation by the Swedish Energy Agency, 80 % of Sweden’s ventilation ducts are leaking. The leaks make it so more energy than necessary is spent on heating buildings, but can also create other problems, such as poor air climate and prolonged smells. Here are some reasons to pick the Linervent method for sealing your ventilation ducts:


Avoid bad odors – If you are often troubled by unwanted odors in your property, it may be because the ventilation is not working properly. Common problems might be smoke smell, food smoke, odor of moisture, odorous sewage etc. Get rid of bad odors and improve your indoor climate!

Minimal disturbance during installation – Competing methods often require demolition when there are too many or too sharp bends in a ventilation system. Linervent’s material is flexible and can handle both bends and transitions between different diameters without any problems. You save time and money during installation because demolition jobs do not need to be performed.

Saves energy – Leaking ventilation causes heat loss, wasted fan effect, and with that, increased operating costs. Tight ducts are the most effective improvement for any ventilation system, and provides the best conditions for other efforts as well, such as an exhaust- or inlet fan, this is because the air flow demand is reduced. A relining project with Linervent can save money in the long run, and pay for itself over a few years.

No asbestos removal – In a ventilation system with eternit channels, asbestos is released if you replace the ducts or insert metal pipes. To eliminate the entailing health risk, heavy asbestos removal is required during such work. All methods which might scrape or in any other way release asbest can result in additional costs. The channel seal by Linervent does not cause asbestos particles to end up in the air and does not require any decontamination.

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