European Patented Swedish Method

Over 50,000 meters installed in Sweden, Finland and France!

Installations are repaid by energy savings, normally in 3-10 years!

 In addition to saving money from day one, a duct seal with the Linervent method has other advantages:

  • Makes your ventilation system pass the regulatory ventilation control

  • Limits the spread of unwanted odors (cigarette smoke, food, odor of garbage, etc)

  • Air proof ducts allows for more use out of heat recovery systems, by making calculations easier and improving thermal efficiency

 The installation is painless:

  • No costly asbestos handling when working in eternit pipes

  • Handles multiple 90-degree bends without problems

  • Handles dimensional changes

  • No demolition of load-bearing walls required when the ducts pass through them

  • Minimal impact on apartments

 Become an installer of Linervent?

Climate-smart with air-tight ducts!

Ventilation system leaks is an invisible problem that causes large unnecessary costs in society. According to an investigation by the Swedish Energy Agency, 80% of Sweden's living space is serviced with leaky ventilation ducts. A normal apartment building in central Sweden can lose more than 75,000 kWh in one year. This corresponds to the heating cost for five normal villas, in other words, a huge waste!

A renovation with the Linervent method pays for itself in the form of reduced heat consumption and cheaper investments in heat recovery equipment.

The method has a European patent (EP 3043121), is fireproof with fire class B S1-D0, and is environmentally friendly.

The Linervent Method



Energy savings for Ventilation Systems



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